Friday 13th fun activities

Check out these Friday 13th fun activities you and your family can enjoy!

We’re already feeling the creepy vibes. Friday the 13th is traditionally associated with bad fortune, but these fun ideas will help make it a lucky day. Why not try one of the below ideas while visiting us?

Host a campfire party

The forecast for Friday is looking warm. Get outside and finally put that firepit to good use by roasting marshmallows and telling spooky stories around the “campfire.” If it ends up raining, take the party inside. Dim the lights and have each member of your family share their most horrifying tale!

Create a good luck charm

Counteract this so-called bad luck day by creating a little positivity of your own. Have your kids paint and decorate rocks or beach stones and turn them into good luck charms.

Read a scary book together

Have older kids practice their reading skills by reading to the little ones, just make sure the reading material is light for little ones. Or even have them create their own books out of construction paper this Friday 13th.

Watch a kid-friendly spooky show or movie

I would never recommend letting your kids watch a horror movie marathon, but there is plenty of family-oriented spooky entertainment out there. The “Casper” movie is a favourite in our family and we’re also big fans of “Hocus Pocus” and “Monster House.”

Learn about superstitions

The origins of Friday the 13th and the superstitions behind it might be a little tough for kids to understand, so it helps to have a conversation about why some people believe in bad luck. Research the background behind well-known superstitions, like throwing salt over your shoulder, knocking on wood and not walking underneath a ladder.

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