Easter activities for kids

The long weekend is almost here and what better way to enjoy it than with these super fun outdoor Easter activities for kids!

Easter is a great time for outdoor activities with the kids. the air is warmer and there is a long weekend to enjoy, so don’t stay inside this Easter, swing past us for a bite to eat then stay awhile and enjoy the great outdoors playing these games!

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter classic and one that never disappoints! Hide some eggs around the garden (or the house if the weather doesn’t permit) and hold a competition to see who can find the most. You can make the egg hunt more challenging by adding clues or hiding different sized eggs. Alternatively, have a look to see if there are any public Easter egg hunts in your area. This will give your kids all the fun of an Easter egg hunt without the worry of setting up and tidying away.

Top Tip – Make it fair?

Perfect for a group of children of different ages and capabilities. Have each child pick a coloured bucket and only pick up the eggs of the same colour. This will stop the older, faster children from finding all the eggs first and hopefully prevent tears and tantrums. Once each child has all their correct coloured eggs, they can receive a prize.

Take a Hike!

Hiking is a brilliant way to get some exercise and fresh air so why not head out on an adventure in your local area! Keep the children excited by picking a route with lots of interesting things to see and plan regular breaks to stop them getting tired such as a café or ice-cream van

Egg and Spoon Race

Now we’ve all heard of this one! Egg and Spoon races are an easy way to get the kids active with just a box of eggs and a spoon for each competitor. Teaching coordination and balance, the aim of the egg and spoon race is to be the first across the finish line with the egg balanced on the spoon. Races can be made more exciting by introducing a relay or making the race three-legged.


Geocaching is a fantastic outdoor activity for kids and adults alike. This activity involves finding various containers (caches) which are left in interesting locations by other passers-by. These containers contain a logbook with messages from other people who have found the cache and some small trinkets and other charms which can be traded. Although kids won’t be able to geocache on their own, they can have fun helping to find the cache and trading items. Inspired….?

Get the Bikes Out

Easter is the perfect time to dust off the bikes and start cycling again. With longer days and warmer weather, it’s a great time to explore some cycle trails in your local area. If you don’t have your bikes you can find somewhere local which allows you to rent them out for a day, plus you can return them if the kids get tired.

Camping in the Garden

With a long weekend guaranteed, Easter is a brilliant time to get the kids outside to sleep under the stars in your garden. Pick up a new tent and a cosy sleeping bag and enjoy the beauty of sleeping outdoors. If you’re worried about the cold, you can always relocate to the living room and build a fort with the kids indoors. Camping in the garden offers all the fun of sleeping outside but gives you the chance to head indoors should the weather take a turn for the worse!

Easter Roll

Hold an Easter Egg Roll race down a nearby hill to see who wins! This traditional game is usually played with hard-boiled, decorated eggs, so grab the paints and let the kids get creative with their racing eggs before they set off for the big roll.

Easter Egg Toss

This outdoor Easter game requires players to toss eggs back and forth without dropping them. Any type of egg works for this game, including raw, hard-boiled or plastic eggs…it depends on how daring you are! Raw eggs will make a mess when dropped or tossed too hard, adding a layer of chaotic fun to the game. Pairs of players start close together with only a few feet between them. After successfully tossing and catching the egg, the pairs must move back a step each for a greater distance and another throw. Continue widening the gap to make the game more of a challenge.

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